Mad Catz PlayStation Bankruptcy 1

Peripherals maker Mad Catz has been bagged up and tossed in the river of bureaucracy like a litter of new-born kittens: the struggling company has filed for bankruptcy and all of its directors have resigned. The firm's been in dire financial trouble for a while after it threw all of its eggs in the Rock Band 4 basket – it's no wonder they've been scrambled really.

At the time of typing, the organisation's assets are being liquidated. "The board of directors and management would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of the company's employees in support of its business, especially during the time that the company faced financial difficulties," it wrote in a statement.

Y'know this author remembers snagging a Mad Catz controller for his Dreamcast some 18 or so years ago. It was nowhere near as good as the official peripheral – which itself had buttons sharp enough to cause blisters – but it was made of translucent purple plastic and had rubber grips. It's a shame to see the firm end like this, but… Rock Band 4 – of all the games to bet a business on.