Drawn to Death has always looked crazy – from its story-telling Trophies to its hand-drawn art style – but this is the first time we've actually sat down to actually consume a hearty slice of gameplay and… Oh my God, it's off its rocker.

So this PlayStation Underground video includes about 30 minutes of gameplay narrated by director David Jaffe and here are just some of the things we spotted:

  • The game modes are properly mental. One deathmatch option, for example, sees you losing points each time you die because the developer felt that there's no real consequence to respawning in other popular shooters right now. Another playlist has you collecting hearts and taking them to a deposit station. It's called Organ Donor.
  • The weapons are bloody crazy. There's one called the JRPG, which is essentially a Super Nintendo that you can use to fire copies of Chrono Trigger at your opponents. There's also a devilish monkey who defecates in your hand, and you can use the excrement as a sort of grenade.
  • You can play as a bloody ninja who has a shark on her head. She's called Ninjaw.

Real-talk: the game looks a little bit like Twisted Metal on foot, which is something Jaffe acknowledges in the video. It doesn't look like the most accessible shooter ever made – it's almost got the technicalities of a fighting game from what we can see – but boy is it brimming with personality.

This one's free on PlayStation Plus next week, and looks well worth giving a try at the very least – especially if you're a fan of old-school arena shooters or the Twisted Metal games.

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