Scribble shooter

David Jaffe seems to like closing PlayStation press conferences. The legendary God of War and Twisted Metal developer announced his brand new PlayStation 4 exclusive Drawn to Death as part of Sony’s big PlayStation Experience keynote today – and it certainly looks interesting to say the least. The title is a third-person shooter made in conjunction with the platform holder’s San Diego Studio, and is built around high school-inspired doodles.

“[The game] will be an arena shooter like you’ve never played before,” the outspoken auteur wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “Part of the reason for this is our unique gameplay. And part of the reason is that the game takes place inside the notebook of a very creative teenage kid; it’s a violent and bizarre landscape filled with all of the weird, amazing, passionate, and exciting fantasies that are swimming around in the head of our teenage artist.”

Judging by the trailer, the fictional world that you’re fighting in will sometimes clash with the real world, resulting in some truly unusual set-pieces involving cans of orange soda. However, while this seems like an all-new idea, Jaffe is eager for it to feel very traditional. “We want [the game] to play like the offspring of an old-school arena shooter (with updated, modern sensibilities) and a hardcore brawler/fighting game.”

You can check out the trailer below for more information, and sign up to the title’s website for early access to the release. If you do that this weekend, you’ll be rewarded with a limited edition item that will never be available again, so you may want to get clicking.