Digital Foundry's back with another video investigation into frame rates and resolution and all that technical stuff - although this time, is an especially interesting case. Upcoming exclusive Nioh boasts three separate gameplay modes on both the standard PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro that players can switch between to suit their needs.

The first is action mode, which prioritises keeping things at 60 frames per second. Next is movie mode, which opts for a stable resolution at 30 frames per second. Lastly, there's the variable movie mode, which tries to find a balance between resolution and frame rate. It's nice to have options, isn't it?

We imagine that many players are going to go straight for the action mode in order to get that smoother frame rate - something that can be very important for such a combat-heavy title. The good news is that the action mode keeps at a solid 60fps, but it only manages this through the use of dynamic resolution.

On the standard PS4, the resolution mostly sticks around 720p, so you can expect quite a drop in visual detail compared what you're used to from most PS4 games. On the Pro, however, the resolution stays closer to 1080p much more often, only dropping to 720p on "rare" occasions.

Meanwhile, the movie mode keeps the game locked at 1080p on PS4, and on Pro, the resolution ranges all the way from 2160p to 1440p. It's a nice boost, but it sounds like the action mode is the way to go if you own Sony's enhanced system. Last but not least, the variable movie mode works with an uncapped frame rate and dynamic resolution on both consoles, so it may be worth checking out just to see whether it suits you.

Overall, it looks like Nioh's approach to giving players a choice when it comes to frame rate and resolution was a clever call. All three modes reportedly work as well as you'd expect, and the release certainly benefits from the additional power of the Pro.

Would you like more games to offer options like this? Tell us which mode you'll be using in the comments section below.