Final Fantasy 15 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

If you've played Final Fantasy XV for a reasonable length of time, then you'll be all too familiar with the woes of Chapter 13. The momentum sapping sequence is comfortably one of the worst portions of the game, owing to the fact that it randomly decides to change the entire tone of the experience, swapping out open world gallivanting for linear pseudo-survival horror.

It's awful and even Square Enix seems to acknowledge that fact, with the firm going back to the drawing board and making some changes to the section. Starting from 28th March, a new patch will be made available "enhancing" the latter stages of the story, including the aforementioned atrocity. Gladiolus will become playable for a short period at some point, though it's unclear if this will occur during Chapter 13 itself or at another moment towards the tail of the campaign.

It's a bit bizarre this, isn't it? Like, on the one hand, kudos to Square Enix for continuing to improve the game – but most fans have already played through the story, so we're not exactly sure who these enhancements are for. Surely this kind of time and effort would be better invested in some kind of sequel at this point?