Ever wondered why Final Fantasy XV took over a decade to make? It's because of dumb sh*t like the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Arriving as part of a free update to the main game on 24th January, the festival will run through 19th February and will dress Altissia in celebratory garb. As you wander the location, you'll be able to participate in various minigames, ranging from shooting galleries to obstacle courses. Why?

You'll also be able to drop by at the Square Enix Café for some cake and… Dance with dudes dressed in Moogle costumes? On the one hand, you've got to appreciate the audacity of this update, but on the other, you've just got to ask… Like, why? Why does this exist? How much time and money was spent making it? It's bemusing in a kind of bizarrely brilliant way.

Remember to download the Holiday Pack from the PlayStation Store if you want access.

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