Final Fantasy XV features quite a lot of sponsored stuff just sitting around in its game world, from edible items to real life camping equipment - and hey, we get it, games like this need a lot of money to make things work. However, when you start splicing giant Cup Noodles into cinematic trailers, we reckon that you have to stop and ask yourself: where does this end?

To be fair, the video that we've embedded is pretty hilarious. As mentioned, it's a cinematic montage that throws Cup Noodles into the mix - we're particularly fond of seeing Leviathan, one of Final Fantasy XV's six Gods, emerging from a bowl of the things.

For those out of the loop, Cup Noodle is a real Japanese product, and you can stock up on the stuff at shops within the game, where it acts as a stat-boosting consumable. There's even a whole side quest based on the brand. No, really.

What do you make of cross-marketing when it's done like this? Does it put you off the game, or do you find it difficult to really care? Tell us that you could really go for some noodles in the comments section below.