Game of the Year 2016 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Good ol' Game of the Year: the perfect excuse to pad out a slow period of news with pre-written articles while we stuff our faces with turkey sandwiches and all attempt to earn the Platinum Trophy in Final Fantasy XV. You may have noticed already, but our coverage is already underway, though things properly get started tomorrow.

So what can you expect?

Well, we've prepared over 30 articles for you this year, which must be some kind of record. You'll have already seen the Personal Picks going live, and every single one of our staffers will be sharing their favourite PlayStation releases of 2016 through until 4th January. But that, of course, is not all that we've got in the pipeline.

Earlier in the month we held a super-secret team poll in order to determine our overall Top Ten games of the year, and starting tomorrow, we'll be listing those off in order. It'll all conclude on 1st January, where we'll crown our overall winner. But what will it be? Well, you'll have to stay tuned for that – but rest assured, this author is really happy with our final selection this year.

We've got other stuff planned for the Christmas break, too: you can look forward to several standalone Soapboxes, as well as a festive edition of WAYP, and much more. Basically, we're not abandoning you, so make sure you take a break from family disputes in order to visit the site over the coming days. This editor may even get around to polishing off those PlayStation VR reviews he missed months ago…

(Sorry Rebellion if you're reading – the Battlezone write-up is still incoming!)