Nioh PS4 PlayStation 4 1

With Sony taking the publishing reins, samurai sim Nioh's become a tentpole PlayStation 4 exclusive almost overnight. And the platform holder's just announced that pre-orders will go live on the PlayStation Store and at retailers around the globe today. There are two options available on the aforementioned virtual plaza: Standard and Digital Deluxe.

Pre-ordering the former will grant you access to the entire game, as well as some ancient armour and a Dynamic Theme. Meanwhile, if you stump up for the Digital Deluxe, you'll snag five additional weapons, a PS4 avatar, and access to the title's entire Season Pass, as well as all of the above. If you pre-order either edition, or purchase the game within its first two weeks on sale, you'll also score the Crimson Master armour.

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Looking sharp, eh? Will you be plumping up some pre-order money for this title, or are you still undecided about whether to pick it up? You've got until early February to make up your mind.