Titanfall 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Respawn Entertainment didn't get a whole lot of time with the PlayStation 4 Pro, but it's still managed to ensure that Titanfall 2 takes advantage of the new hardware. Speaking with Stevivor, executive producer Drew McCoy revealed that the game – launching two weeks before the brand new box – will utilise the added horsepower of the device to provide a more stable framerate at a higher resolution.

While the title won't run at native 4K, it will be higher than 1080p, meaning that you'll benefit from cleaner image quality whichever television you own. "Because we also made the PC version, we have some nobs we can tweak, so we just spent some time making sure it still runs well and looks good on PS4 Pro," McCoy said. "So it runs better, looks better, and has no bugs on PS4 Pro."

[source stevivor.com]