We've been watching so much Yakuza 6 gameplay recently that we almost forgot Yakuza 0 is heading West early next year. Featuring a much younger Kazuma Kiryu, this should prove to be another memorable romp through Japan's seedy underbelly. You can learn more about our legendary protagonist and the sticky situation that he's involved with in the game's latest trailer, which we've embedded above.

The news doesn't stop there, though. Publisher SEGA has revealed that if you pre-order the release and manage to secure a copy at launch, you'll nab a nice little day one edition of the title. Named 'The Business Edition', the package includes a decorated steel case and metal business card holder, because hey, why not? Maybe it'll inspire you to become a real life thug. You also get a cool looking static PlayStation 4 theme.


Are you ready to kick some rump in Yakuza 0? Pull your immaculate white suit on and throw some punches in the comments section below.

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