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Pokémon Go fever is so obnoxiously enormous that even we've been relegated to writing about it, as Nintendo's stock has climbed so high over the past couple of weeks that the company's currently more valuable than Sony. And, to be clear, we're not just talking about the PlayStation division – we're referring to the entirety of the Japanese electronics giant.

The House of Mario's shares surged another 12 per cent today, meaning that they're now up a frankly dizzying 120 per cent since Pokémon Go released. This has resulted in the company adding ‎¥2.5 trillion to its market value, meaning that its market capitalisation of ¥4.5 trillion yen is larger than Sony's ¥4.1 trillion right now. Staggering stuff.

This is the first time that Nintendo's enjoyed a greater market value than Sony since July 2014. Of course, looking at the graphs, it's pretty darn unnatural what's going on with Nintendo's stocks right now, and it will be interesting to see how these figures change once the fever surrounding Pokémon Go inevitably cools a little bit.

[source telegraph.co.uk]