Detroit: Become Human PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Detroit: Become Human, the next PlayStation 4 adventure from Quantic Dream, appears to be plotting a return to the blueprints that made Heavy Rain such a hit. Unlike the relatively recent Beyond: Two Souls, you'll take control of multiple characters, with newcomer Connor accompanying the previously revealed Kara. From what we understand, each of their stories will be linked by an "unexplained incident", which causes androids to show unexpected behaviour.

The branching paths of the Parisian developer's 2010 PlayStation 3 exclusive will also plot a return. While these were present in Beyond: Two Souls, the focus on a single protagonist meant that they were never particularly pronounced. But judging by last night's E3 2016 trailer, there'll be consequences to every action that each character makes – including the fact that some protagonists may simply die. After watching this trailer for a second time, we're back on board.