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While DOOM may stand well enough on its own legs with its formidable campaign, its multiplayer options are solid treats on the side to conduct your next demon-slaying forays. However, one thing that these additional modes lack in various ways is more variety, and thankfully id Software is appropriately addressing these concerns with upcoming free updates and paid DLC for the old school shooter.

You'll be happy to know that a wide majority of these new features will be made available to everyone. This will include several multiplayer modes like three free-for-all options and spins on traditional capture the flag and zone capturing modes, respectively with Exodus and Sector. The most exciting, robust reveal is that Snapmap will receive a generous boost with the ability to create levels in Hell, which means you can expect fresh props, objects, weapons, items, and differing logic and design options to experiment with.

Those who sold their souls to the season pass can expect their first map pack in the form of "Unto The Evil", which will be released next month. Three maps called Offering, Cataclysm, and Ritual will explore gloomy nooks of Hell and a cold facility, bringing along with them the ability to play as a demon called the Harvestor - which appears to play similarly to Emperor Palpatine with his Sith lightning like in Star Wars Battlefront - and minor additions like another gun, armour sets, and so forth.

What do you make of how id Software is handling DLC for DOOM? Will these promising additions to Snapmap bring it up to a higher standard? Do the multiplayer offerings for different modes and maps prove tempting? Face your demons in the comments section below and let us know.