The PlayStation 3 just refuses to die, doesn't it? Over the last few years - especially since the launch of the PlayStation 4 - both hardware and software sales regarding Sony's last-gen platform have plummeted here in the West, but that isn't stopping big games like Persona 5 from releasing on the ageing machine.

Indeed, Atlus' highly anticipated title - which was originally announced as a PS3 exclusive - got a confirmed North American release date earlier today. A surprise in itself, but perhaps even more surprising was the news that it would also be fulfilling its original promise, arriving on PS3 as well as PS4.

Of course, many games developed in Japan are still spread across multiple consoles, but typically speaking, most of them don't end up on PS3 once they're brought West. In that sense, Persona 5 is something of an outlier, but you can't really fault Atlus for attempting to get the game into the hands of as many people as possible.

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