blood and wine 6.png

We've all thought about taking vacations in our favourite game worlds, but we have to admit that we'd be hesitant to book a trip to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's setting - a land where war and famine grips the populace and peasants seem to cough up their lungs on a regular basis.

In contrast, the title's final expansion, Blood and Wine, is set in Toussaint, a location that looks downright gorgeous, and is untouched by battle. Aside from the horrific vampire attacks and no doubt alarming amount of sexually transmitted diseases, we're loving the look of this fancy European setting, which is fully revealed in the add-on's new trailer.

Okay, so maybe we're not that eager to visit Toussaint ourselves, but we're certainly looking forward to exploring this lush land as Geralt of Rivia later this month. Have a watch, and then jump on the next flight into the comments section below.