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The closure of Studio Liverpool seemingly placed the final nail in WipEout's coffin – but co-creator Nick Burcombe has said that he'd make a sequel if Sony gave him the rights to the brand. Of course, you may want to temper your expectations here – Burcombe's current team, PlayRise Digital, created Table Top Racing: World Tour, which didn't fare particularly well in our recent review.

That said, irrespective of any spotty patches in the veteran's career, we'd much rather the series was put back into the hands of one of its creators than get dusty alongside Colony Wars in the PlayStation franchise retirement home.

"If there's demand there, we'd love to meet it," he told MCV when asked about the possibility of creating a spiritual successor. "But as it stands right now, without the WipEout brand on it – which I doubt Sony is about to relinquish anytime soon – it's kind of out of the question without Sony's blessing." Time to get on the blower, Michael Denny?

[source mcvuk.com]