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Overwatch made a big, big splash earlier this week when it launched on PlayStation 4. The team based shooter from developer-that-can-do-no-wrong Blizzard has already captured the hearts of many a Push Square scribe, but how do you feel about it? Has its accessibility got you addicted? Have you had your Play of the Game? Who's your favourite character? Take part in our polls, and then form a cohesive unit in the comments section below.

Are you enjoying Overwatch? (109 votes)

  1. Yes, I can't get enough of it35%
  2. I like what I've played so far16%
  3. I'm not sure yet, I need to play more2%
  4. Nah, I don't like it9%
  5. I haven't played it39%

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Who's your favourite character in Overwatch? (69 votes)

  1. Bastion4%
  2. D.Va16%
  3. Genji3%
  4. Hanzo4%
  5. Junkrat7%
  6. Lúcio1%
  7. McCree4%
  8. Mei4%
  9. Mercy7%
  10. Pharah4%
  11. Reaper  0%
  12. Reinhardt3%
  13. Roadhog1%
  14. Soldier: 766%
  15. Symmetra1%
  16. Torbjörn4%
  17. Tracer17%
  18. Widowmaker6%
  19. Winston1%
  20. Zarya1%
  21. Zenyatta1%

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