Dark Souls III 3 PS4 PlayStation 4 UK Sales Charts

It's no surprise given the series' history, but Dark Souls III absolutely dominated on the PlayStation 4 during launch week. Bandai Namco's hotly anticipated sequel – which topped the UK sales charts, outpacing Dark Souls II's debut by 61 per cent – moved 71 per cent of its units on Sony's new-gen system. Amazingly, the PS4 SKU outsold its Xbox One brethren by a ratio of almost 3:1 at retail – incredible.

Of course, when you consider that Demon's Souls was a PlayStation funded endeavour and the exclusive Bloodborne really helped propel the property to mainstream popularity, it's not a massive shock. It bodes well for the possibility of a Bloodborne sequel, though – clearly the market is not yet tired of this type of game, and with PS4 owners representing the biggest audience for the series, surely it makes sense for Sony to invest?

Elsewhere, it was a familiar chart, with Tom Clancy's The Division, EA Sports UFC 2, and DiRT Rally all rounding out the top five. The aforementioned Bloodborne actually re-entered the Top 40 in 38th position, while Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection stuck around in 26th place, too. What have you been spending your money on lately? Where will Ratchet & Clank chart next week? As always, let us know below.

UK Sales Charts: Week ending 16th April, 2016

  1. Dark Souls III
  2. Tom Clancy's The Division
  3. EA Sports UFC 2
  4. Quantum Break
  5. DiRT Rally
  6. Far Cry Primal
  7. FIFA 16
  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  9. Grand Theft Auto V
  10. LEGO Marvel's Avengers

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