Mirror's Edge Catalyst PS4 PlayStation 4 Delays

'Tis truly the generation of delays it seems, as Mirror's Edge Catalyst has been pushed back yet again – this time until 7th June in North America and 9th June in Europe. The reason for the setback? DICE wants to ensure that it has time to implement any feedback from the title's impending closed beta, and so it's moving the release back a couple of weeks to allow for that.

The game was originally due out on 24th May in North America, so it's not a massive change. However, let's not forget that it was due in February before that, so the title's definitely been delayed a fair few times now. Still, the online features do sound decent, so it may as well get them right for launch rather than release the outing early and unfinished. We can wait.

[source mirrorsedge.com]