"Who's Nariko?"

Bloody hell – this is intense, isn't it? Hellblade's not only gained a subtitle since last we saw it (Senua's Sacrifice, in case you're curious), but its lead character's also got a new look. And in this trailer designed to show off the indie title's outrageous production values, we also get a glimpse into the Celtic warrior's fractured mind.

Those of you with long memories may recall that developer Ninja Theory's working with mental health organisations on this game, and it's recording the voices that the character hears using nifty binaural microphones. This means that the traumatised troop is essentially haunted by an ASMR video stuck on loop – only way creepier. Just about.

Seriously, though, the Brit studio's breaking some boundaries here, shooting scenes live in real-time within the game world. We're honestly rather impressed with the new trailer, and if you want to see how it was made, there's a development diary through here. Extremely underrated studio Ninja Theory, innit.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]