RIME PS4 PlayStation 4 1

RIME is no longer a Sony published game. Spanish studio Tequila Works announced yesterday that it had reacquired the rights to the ICO-inspired ex-PlayStation 4 exclusive, and rumours have been swirling since that the developer was having real difficulty turning the concept into a full release. These are claims that the company has since, of course, refuted.

In fact, creative director Raul Rubio Munarriz has taken to Twitter to say that "[the game's] going well and ending well". PR manager Jose Herraez also chimed in, suggesting that the lack of information about the title was not down to the studio – perhaps insinuating that, for whatever reason, the PlayStation maker was the one requesting radio silence.

To be honest, it's clear that there's been a falling out here, but we'll probably never know the reason why. Considering that Sony's poured cash into The Last Guardian for almost a decade now, we just can't imagine it dumping this unless development was seriously going sideways. We're probably just going to have to wait and see whether it actually comes out or not at this point.

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