Dead Star PS4 PlayStation 4 1

These announcements seem to get earlier every month – although we don't think that Sony intended for this information to get out just yet. Dead Star has been revealed as one of April's free PlayStation Plus games; it's a multiplayer space combat shooter from ex-Metroid Prime developers Armature for those out of the loop.

The news originally leaked courtesy of a message sent from Sony to Twitter user BLAMDrew, who had pre-ordered the game on the PlayStation Store. The platform holder informed him via the PlayStation 4 that he'd been refunded due to the manufacturer's decision to include the space-faring shooter in the Instant Game Collection.

The company's since confirmed that the title will indeed be free for members starting 5th April, but the remainder of the line-up remains shrouded in secrecy for now. Are you satisfied with this game? Do you even know what it is? Check out the video embedded below, and set phasers to glum in the comments section.

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