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Konami's enjoyed a decent amount of success with it's surprisingly divisive Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. According to the Japanese publisher's latest earnings report, the open world stealth-'em-up has shipped over six million copies worldwide.

The title's popularity contributed to a 37.5 per cent increase in Konami's revenue in the digital entertainment segment. In turn, this saw operating profit jump 62.7 per cent to around $146.6 million for the first nine months of the fiscal year. In other words, the company isn't doing too bad right now.

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Having said that, Konami's future in this particular industry still seems undecided. Following the departure of Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions, the publisher claimed that it would continue to pump out Metal Gear Solid games in the future, but given its obvious interest in other areas of entertainment, it's safe to say that no one's entirely convinced at this point.

Can you see Konami continuing to kick about in the console business? Have a ponder in the comments section below.

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