Fallout 4 Magazines Comics Locations Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Magazines may well be going out of fashion in the real-world, but they're incredibly popular in the Commonwealth. There's an absolute ton of reading material to find in Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, and each issue that you collect will have a profound affect on your stats. Because we're lovely people, we've assembled a quick guide to help you to locate all of these paper-based collectibles. You didn't think that your adventure was over yet, did you?

Fallout 4 Guides

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Magazine Locations

Who's astoundingly awesome? You're astoundingly awesome. So too are the Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazines, as they each reward you with a different perk.

  • Issue 1: Located in Outpost Zimonja in the workshop.
  • Issue 2: Go to Skylanes Flight 1981 and look on the toilet in the restroom beneath the cockpit.
  • Issue 3: At the Boston Mayoral Shelter, this one's in the lower-level bedroom on a table towards the southwestern corner of the shelter.
  • Issue 4: This one's in the pit below Terminal 3 in Dunwich Borers.
  • Issue 5: On the top floor of the East Boston Preparatory School, you'll find this one in the computer room.
  • Issue 6: Travel through the Glowing Sea to the Crater of Atom. This one's on the top floor of the northern shack that's built into the rocks.
  • Issue 7: At the Sentinal Site, this one's in the metal hut towards the end of the tunnels overlooking the stockpile room.
  • Issue 8: Head to the Coast Guard Pier. Lockpick the door next to the storage room and find this one on the toilet.
  • Issue 9: On a triangular-shaped table located on the balcony outside Holdren's quarters in the Institute.
  • Issue 10: On the east side of the church interior at Trinity Plaza.
  • Issue 11: In the star restroom on the top floor of Hubris Comics.
  • Issue 12: Travel through Pickman Gallery until you meet Pickman himself. Then search the last tunnel chamber and find the magazine next to the steamer trunk.
  • Issue 13: On the metal desk in the Railroad HQ, located in Old Church North.
  • Issue 14: In the living quarters area of Park Street Station (Vault 114).

Grognak the Barbarian Magazine Locations

Grognak the Barbarian's a great name, and collecting each of his magazines enables you to do five per cent more damage when you score a critical hit in melee or unarmed combat.

  • Issue 1: It's on the kitchen table in your old home in Sanctuary Hills.
  • Issue 2: In the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup, on the desk towards the east end of the main warehouse.
  • Issue 3: Back to the Malden Middle School (Vault 75) for you. You'll find this issue on the bed inside the Overseer's office.
  • Issue 4: On the top floor of the Corvega Assembly Plant, in the metal hut next to the steamer trunk.
  • Issue 5: You'll get this one from Vault 81 by completing the quest 'Short Stories in the Classroom'.
  • Issue 6: Found in the Museum of Witchcraft, on the table in the dungeon room on the upper-floor.
  • Issue 7: On the top of the buildings in the raider camp located to the south of Hyde Park.
  • Issue 8: Go to Back Street Apparel and head to the upstairs of the apartment. This one's on the living room table.
  • Issue 9: In the enclosed shop area at Boston Common, near to the Park Street Station entrance.
  • Issue 10: Look for the bus crash apartment at Andrew Street Station and find this one in the comic book fan's bedroom.

Guns and Bullets Magazine Locations

Like guns? Like bullets? Then you're going to need a subscription to the wasteland's finest Guns and Bullets magazine, with each issue increasing critical hit damage from ballistic weapons by five per cent.

  • Issue 1: You'll find this one on the oval kitchen table on the top floor of Fort Hagen.
  • Issue 2: Make your way to the Rook Family House, and find this one on a metal desk in Barney's bunker.
  • Issue 3: This one's at the South Boston Military Checkpoint, on a desk towards the east wall.
  • Issue 4: Travel to the top floor lounge of the Gunners Plaza. You'll find this one, yet again, on a table surrounded by couches.
  • Issue 5: This one's found between two trailers at the Quincy Ruins.
  • Issue 6: You'll find this one at the Cambridge Police Station – but only after the Brotherhood reinforcements arrive. Search inside the safe in the station chief's office.
  • Issue 7: Head to the stage area of Fraternal Post 115. You'll find it among some sandbags.
  • Issue 8: Look in the northwest corner on the top floor of the Ticonderoga Safehouse. As with so many others, this magazines on a desk.
  • Issue 9: Go in the chief's office at the BADTFL Regional Office to grab this one.
  • Issue 10: You'll need to go to The Castle for this one. The magazine's on the radio operator's desk in thr grounds.

LIVE & LOVE Magazine Locations

Much like the Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazines, all of the LIVE & LOVE issues provide different ability boosts. Still worth collecting, though, eh?

  • Issue 1: Inside the eastern caravan trailer at Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates.
  • Issue 2: Go to Revere Beach Station and head to the upper-level. Look inside the promenade building on the upper floor. It's by the cooking pot.
  • Issue 3: On the table near the recording worktable at WRVR Broadcast Station.
  • Issue 4: On the safe behind the counter at College Square.
  • Issue 5: This one's on top of the monument at Bunker Hill.
  • Issue 6: Go to the Diamond City Schoolhouse, and you'll find this one in the bedroom on the ground floor.
  • Issue 7: Climb the main staircase at Faneuil Hall, and you'll find this one on a table in the attic.
  • Issue 8: People do a lot of reading on the toilet in Fallout 4, don't they? This one's in the Third Rail restroom at Goodneighbor.
  • Issue 9: Again at Goodneighbor, this one's on the bar counter in the lobby of Hotel Rexford.

Massachusetts Magazine Locations

It's always nice when you can inflict a bit of limb damage on your enemies, so the two per cent boosters that these issues provide should come in handy.

  • Issue 1: It's in Lorenzo's living quarters at Parsons State Insane Asylum.
  • Issue 2: In the storage room on the second floor of Medford Memorial Hospital.
  • Issue 3: Look on the large laboratory table on the bottom floor of the Med-Tek Research facility.
  • Issue 4: This one's on the desk of the lab analyst's room at the Greater Mass Blood Clinic.
  • Issue 5: Head to the Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, and look behind the security door near to the safes in the reception area.
  • Issue 6: Go to the Cambridge Polymer Labs and search the desk of the office just above the reception area.
  • Issue 7: Head to the north of Greenetech Genetics, and you'll find this magazine on a table bookmarked by two red couches.
  • Issue 8: This one actually needs to be purchased from a vending machine at the Boston Public Library. Beats snagging it from atop a table, eh?

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Magazine Locations

We could always go for some jerky, but we're not sure whether we fancy junktown jerky. Nevertheless, grabbing these magazines will improve the prices that you get when purchasing from various vendors.

  • Issue 1: This one's perched atop a barrel at Walden Pond.
  • Issue 2: Head north from the main entrance of Mystic Pines. You'll happen across a building, and you'll find the magazine on a sideboard next to a television set.
  • Issue 3: Fancy a trip to Super Duper Mart? Well, duh! You'll find this one, amazingly, on a magazine stand towards the north of the store.
  • Issue 4: Go to Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, and you'll find this one in the main cannery room.
  • Issue 5: Inside the caravan at Big John's Salvage.
  • Issue 6: On the table with the parasol on the upper level of the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star.
  • Issue 7: You'll find this towards the west of the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant. It's on the bench in the basement locker room.
  • Issue 8: Look in the metal hut on the catwalk at Gwinnett Brewery.

Tesla Science Magazine Locations

You'd be correct for assuming that collecting the Tesla Science magazines will increase your potency with energy weapons. Each issue will boost the damage caused by critical hits by five per cent.

  • Issue 1: It's next to the computer in the CEO's office on the second floor of ArcJet Systems.
  • Issue 2: Head to the bottom floor of Mahkra Fishpacking and find this magazine on a table towards the northeastern corner.
  • Issue 3: Atop the bench in the kitchen of the warehouse at Reeb Marina.
  • Issue 4: It's on a busted fridge at Virgil's Laboratory.
  • Issue 5: This one's near to where you find the bobblehead at Poseidon Energy. It's on a metal desk.
  • Issue 6: Go to the Weaponization research lab at HalluciGen, Inc. The magazine's on the first floor towards the north.
  • Issue 7: On the computer bank at the south of the mezzanine room in the Mass Fusion Building.
  • Issue 8: Find the office on the upper floor of the General Atomics Factory. It's on the desk above the lobby.
  • Issue 9: Head to University Point. The magazine's in the computer room on the top floor.

Tumblers Today Magazine Locations

We doubt that Tumblers Today can rival Grognak the Barbarian in terms of readership reach, but the lock-based magazine will improve your lock picking skills so it's worth snatching all five issues.

  • Issue 1: Go to Malden Center and you'll find this inside one of the cargo carriages in raider camp.
  • Issue 2: It's in the corner of the control room at Poseidon Energy Turbine #18-F.
  • Issue 3: Next to the black sofa in the commentator's area towards the south of the race track at Easy City Downs
  • Issue 4: You'll find this one in the locker in the eastern maintenance room at West Roxbury Station.
  • Issue 5: Head to Fens Street Sewer and find this one sitting on some metal drawers.

Unstoppable Magazine Locations

It may sound like the name of an Adele song, but collecting each issue of Unstoppable magazine will grant you a pretty impressive perk: a one per cent chance of avoiding all damage from an attack.

  • Issue 1: It's in the shack by the river at Westing Estate.
  • Issue 2: Go to Shaw High School and search the lower level library office.
  • Issue 3: Again you're going to the library, but this time at Suffolk County Charter School. It's on the upper-level.
  • Issue 4: This one's hard to miss – it's on the counter at Hubris Comics.
  • Issue 5: Look for the basement level swimming pool at D.B. Technical High School, and find this sitting in the corner.

U.S. Covert Operations Manual Magazine Locations

At the name U.S. Covert Operations Manual may suggest, this collectible's all about stealth. Grabbing these will gradually make you more difficult to detect when you go undercover.

  • Issue 1: On the desk in the secured computer room at USAF Satellite Station Olivia.
  • Issue 2: In the executive office at Lexington: Switchboard. Check the desk.
  • Issue 3: At the National Guard Training Yard, you'll find this one on the table in the Barracks cafeteria.
  • Issue 4: In the hut on top of the central satellite support at the Revere Satellite Array.
  • Issue 5: On the table in front of the sofa at the Red Tourette's base in the Federal Ration Stockpile.
  • Issue 6: Head to the Fort Hagen Command Centre. You'll find this one in the room east of the armoury on a table.
  • Issue 7: Travel to Libertalia and search the main ship. You'll find the magazine on a red chair.
  • Issue 8: This one's on General Brock's desk on the ground floor of Fort Strong.
  • Issue 9: Found in the Abandoned Shack in the Federal Survival Centre.
  • Issue 10: Inside the captain's cabin in the USS Constitution.

Wasteland Survival Guide Magazine Locations

Generally each Wasteland Survival Guide unlocks a unique perk, but it's worth pointing out that Issue 4 and Issue 5 actually unlock bonus content instead.

  • Issue 1: Look on the sideboard table at the Ranger Cabin.
  • Issue 2: It's in the underground bunker at Gorski Cabin, on a metal desk next to a terminal.
  • Issue 3: Go to Sunshine Tidings Co-op and find this one in the locked cabin next to some silos.
  • Issue 4: Find this one at Lynn Woods atop a sleeping bag inside the primary shack.
  • Issue 5: Swim down the hole at Old Gullet Sinkhole and find the magazine on some breeze blocks near to a camp site.
  • Issue 6: On the western side of Crater's House, look on the lower level of a shack held up by stilts. It's near to a stash of caps.
  • Issue 7: Go to Nahant Oceanological Society and find this on a metal desk in the entrance area.
  • Issue 8: It's on the counter at the diner at Egret Tours Marina.
  • Issue 9: Inside the Wreck of the USS Riptide directly under the bridge at water's level.

You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Magazine Location

What's better than a good pun? A free skill point to allot anywhere you please! The You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L. magazine ticks both boxes.

  • You'll find this magazine located in the ruins of your home in Sanctuary Hills. It's on the floor of Shaun's bedroom.

Have you managed to collect all of the magazines in Fallout 4 yet? Are there any that you're having trouble tracking down? Get reading in the comments section below.