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So, the Star Wars Battlefront beta's been out for about a good few hours now, and we dread to think how many imperials have been cut down by laser fire from across the map. The free download's obviously attracted a lot of attention already, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from DICE's rather authentic tie-in - but what do you think of it? We have to say that we're seriously impressed with how, er, Star Wars it all is, for a start; the developer's managed to absolutely nail the whole feeling of the movies, and that's important. Anyway, give us some answers in our polls, and then tell us if you've joined the dark side in the comments section below.

What do you think of the Star Wars Battlefront beta? (139 votes)

It's amazing, I can't wait for the full game


The beta's good, but I want to see more


It's okay, but I'm not convinced


I don't really like it at all


The beta has actually put me off the game


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How much time have you spent playing the Star Wars Battlefront beta? (126 votes)

I've been playing it since it released


A good few hours


Just a couple of hours


An hour or so


Less than an hour


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