Bungie's put some effort into Destiny's spooky hallowe'en celebrations this year: the Tower social space has been redecorated, there are new emotes to buy, and there are even some daft quests to undertake. It's well worth checking out - especially if you like masks.

Indeed, the main draw of the ongoing event is to gather a collection of cool masks based upon characters from the game. There are quite a few to find, too, and we've had fun just roaming around the Tower while gawking at what people are wearing.

Of course, it wouldn't be a special event without some microtransactions, so the developer's thrown in three new emotes that you can purchase with silver. You can check them out in the video that we've included in this very article.

Meanwhile, if you're up for a bit of questing, you can nab an empty treat bag from Eva. By defeating enemies - both in and out of the Crucible - you'll gather candy, and when your bag's full, you can return to Eva and snag a new mask and some other goodies. What's more, there are several specific quests to complete as well, which should provide a somewhat welcome change of pace.

All in all we're liking Destiny's current approach to seasonal events - it's proof that just a little bit of effort can go a reasonably long way. With that said, we've now got high hopes for the Christmas period. Don't let us down, Bungie - we wouldn't say no to a sack full of Raid gear.