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Destiny's absolutely massive 2.0 update is available to download right now. The patch brings countless changes to the game, signalling the beginning of what Bungie is calling 'year two'. It adds things like Legendary Marks, which replace the limited Vanguard and Crucible marks, and it removes light levels and installs a new experience point based levelling system.

The patch weighs in at around a colossal 20GB, so you'll probably need to set aside some time to get it downloaded. Speaking of which, this may be the perfect time to give your PlayStation 4's rest mode a try, as your machine will automatically download any available updates in this state.

How hyped are you? Are you boost jumping back into Destiny because of this patch, or are you holding off on this particular intergalactic adventure? Enter the dawn of a new, less grindy age in the comments section below.