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It's perhaps no surprise that we get asked what Samurai Warriors 4-II actually is whenever we post news about it. The name's a confusing one, and anyone who doesn't keep up with each Warriors release is bound to feel lost to begin with. It's fortunate, then, that Koei Tecmo's opened up the title's official English website, which is packed with all the information that you could possibly need.

As such, we've broken down the main points for this very article, and with any luck, you'l no longer ponder over the upcoming hack and slasher once you're done reading. Starting with the game's main story mode, things are a little different to the narrative-driven offering found in Samurai Warriors 4. Instead of following the story of a particular clan or group, you'll be charting the career of particular characters - which supposedly augments proceedings with a more personal touch.

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One of these stories focuses on a whole new character - Naomasa Ii, who's been added to the already large roster of samurai. Outside of story mode, there's free mode where you can enjoy any unlocked stages with a character of your choosing, and survival mode, which comes in numerous different flavours.

The first, known as Endless Castle, sees you fight through hordes of enemies as you progress deeper and deeper into the structure. The further you decide to go, the harder it gets, but at the same time, the rewards become greater, too. Rare weapons and items await those who take their chances, and we reckon veteran players will appreciate the more loot-focussed approach. On top of this, there are numerous variables that can be applied. For example, you can fight against the clock in the Chamber of Agility, and rake up as much gold as possible in the Chamber of Riches.

As for role-playing game elements, the weapon upgrade system's been given an overhaul, so you can now combine your armaments to make more powerful gear. And, if none of the playable cast does anything for you, character creation makes a return, so that you can craft and customise your own samurai and take to the battlefield in survival or free mode.

All in all, it's probably best to think of Samurai Warriors 4-II as a sort of expansion to Samurai Warriors 4 - although that description's probably not doing the amount of content it offers much justice. In any case, it's not a remake, and it's not a sequel - it's essentially more Samurai Warriors 4, and it may yet prove to be the best place for newcomers to jump in.

Wrapped your head around all of that? If not, feel free to post your queries in the comments section below and we'll send over a few info ninjas when we get the chance.

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