Congratulations to anyone who bought a limited edition Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4 – you're about to make a lot of money, as someone has gone and goofed up the spelling on the system. We were never very attentive in Chemistry class either, but the word is 'molybdenum' not 'molybdeum', Konami. Is this even Konami's fault? Probably not, but let's blame the company anyway.

Yes, the 42nd element in the periodic table got its name butchered. Now, why is this a good thing? Well, we reckon that if a future run that corrects the typo comes out – which is highly likely, by our best guess – first editions with the misspelling will become vintage and more desired. So, be sure to hold on to that strangely red-coloured lottery ticket, longtime fans of Snake. We know, we know – you can thank us (and Reddit) later.