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It's been about a year since Sony told EA executives to talk to the hand regarding subscription service EA Access, but the publisher doesn't seem all that bothered these days. Speaking with GameSpot, bigwig Peter Moore said it "doesn't matter" that the service is not available on the PlayStation 4 – despite the device having the largest global audience these days.

"It's on the Xbox One, and those customers love it," he beamed. "We have analytics on everything these days and subscriber satisfaction rates are through the roof. EA Access customers get to play more, because of the Vault, they get to play early, ahead of general release date, and they get to pay less because of the discounts that it offers."

For those of you so firmly entrenched in the PlayStation camp that you don't actually know what EA Access is, it's essentially a PlayStation Plus-esque service solely for EA games. For around $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, subscribers get access to an ever increasing stash of free software, as well as discounts and early access to various upcoming games.

And it's proved a real coup for Microsoft, as it's been able to promote titles such as Star Wars Battlefront as being available first on the Xbox One. Sony, however, has said that the service does not offer the "kind of value that PlayStation customers expect" – and so it's blocked the publisher from offering the subscription on its system.

We reckon that the Japanese giant's statement is unfair, because EA Access is good value for money. The problem is that it creates a scary precedent; what happens if the likes of Ubisoft, Activision, Take-Two, and Warner Bros all try to launch their own subscription services, too? This, in our opinion, is what has got Sony running scared.

Of course, it still doesn't seem right that the platform holder has made up our mind for us – after all, shouldn't it be down to consumers to decide whether EA Access is value for money or not? Judging by Moore's comments, the initiative is unlikely to ever make its way to the PS4 – but would you like it to eventually? Sign up in the comments section below.

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