Zindagi Games PS4 PlayStation 4

Zindagi Games, the studio behind the Sports Champions series on the PlayStation 3, appears to have had its inaugural PlayStation 4 project canned. The company's website previously alluded to an ongoing relationship with SCEA – and, in particular, Sony San Diego – but all references to the platform holder have since been removed. Moreover, the Linked In profile of concept artist Martin Lutz mentions that he worked on "environment and character concepts for a cancelled PS4 action game".

We've managed to uncover an image of what is most likely concept art from the scrapped exclusive, which shows a scene similar to Tom Clancy's The Division, complete with military troops and a prominent PS4 billboard. Given the developer's history with the PlayStation Move, it's possible that this title would have used Sony's motion wands as well as its forthcoming Project Morpheus headset, but that's speculation on our behalf. Either way, with the studio currently hiring for mobile games, it looks like its unreleased console title has very much been put to bed.