If you're one of the three people in the world that didn't break a sweat at Uncharted's otherwise impossible Crushing mode, then you may be pleased to hear that an even more brutal difficulty option will be making its way into Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. We're working off second-hand information here, but Kotaku claims that the taxing tier has been designed with the "game's most skilled testers" in mind.

That means more bullet sponges and pin-point grenade tosses, then, right? Well, not quite. The publication also asked port house BluePoint whether it will be dialling down the health points of some of the release's more obnoxious enemies, and it indicated that it will be recalculating the amount of damage that foes can receive. It's also promised some control tweaks, so it sounds like this is more than your average up-res.

Indeed, the awful SIXAXIS motion controls that Sony subjected us to during the early days of the PlayStation 3 have been removed. No longer will you need to tilt your controller in order to cross logs. There will be an option for you to turn on gyro grenade tosses, however, but we suspect that anyone with half a brain will ensure that that's set to 'off' at all times. Seriously, what a terrible idea that mechanic was.

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