naruto storm 4 delay.png

Uh oh, Naruto fans won't be happy to hear this one. According to the latest issue of Jump Magazine, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 has been delayed into next year in Japan. There's no confirmation on whether this will be the case for the West, but we reckon that it looks likely, especially since the brawler was due to release in both territories this autumn.

The game's now due to launch on the 4th February in Japan, and while this doesn't totally rule out the possibility of it still releasing in 2015 here in the West, the concept's certainly looking increasingly shaky, especially when you consider that we've never had word on a concrete launch date.

Whatever happens, we'll be sure to keep you updated. Are you as potentially disappointed as we are? Pack away your ninja implements and sulk in the comments section below.

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