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Ever since Destiny launched, Bungie's found itself in a seemingly never ending cycle of balancing weapons that players appear to be using a bit too much. With update 2.0.0, which will release before The Taken King launches in September, the developer's at it again, and this time, it's the super popular Thorn and Gjallarhorn that are getting the biggest tweaks.

For the former, competitive multiplayer's favourite hand cannon will have its lasting poisoning damage reduced, while the latter's wolfpack rounds will also deal reduced damage. As for weapon types as a whole, it's perhaps no surprise that hand cannons are being hit hardest, with their long-range damage, accuracy, and magazine size all being toned down. What's more, shotguns are being taken down a peg when it comes to instances outside of the Crucible - and guess what? Bungie's decided to buff rifles all over again. Like we say, the cycle just never ends.

We'll be hearing about the patch in more detail at a later date, but does it sound good to you? Will Bungie ever be able to find that mythical thing called balance? Shoot yourself in the foot in the comments section below.

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