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It was only a matter of time before Destiny got some sort of action figure or model. Activison's uber popular shooter is getting its biggest expansion in September with The Taken King, but you can throw even more cash at the property by buying this rather expensive Titan figurine.

Crafted by manufacturer 3A, we have to admit that it's a pretty good looking piece of merchandise. It sports 24 points of articulation, so there's plenty of posing to be had, and it comes with a slew of different interchangeable weapons. What's more, it even has removable, battle-scarred armour. Titan's aren't afraid of getting stuck into the action, after all.

The kicker, though, is the price tag. The action figure can be yours for a mighty $190, which is more costly than the game and all of its expensive expansion packs put together. Is that a Titan punch to the face, or do you think that it might be worth it? Slam down into the comments section below.

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[source worldofthreea.com, via gameinformer.com]