Elder Scrolls Basement

Ah, the whims of the rich. The Elder Scrolls mega fan and DC Comics artist Tyler Kirkham spent $50,000 turning his home's basement into a place of worship for all things Elder Scrolls. Essentially background dressing for when he decides to sit down and soak up some Skyrim, the living space contains numerous nods to the series, including replica helmets, armour sets, and crossbows.

According to barcroft.tv, Kirkham's custom home cinema cost a whopping $20,000, while the converted basement even sports a secret door which is opened by pulling on a particular novel on a bookcase, and a medieval-style sparring area. Of course, the whole thing is touched up with a tavern-like feel, boasting wooden and stone architecture alongside fur rugs. The icing on the cake, though, is that the bathroom apparently features its own waterfall. That should definitely make your bladder empty just that little bit quicker.

What do you make of this? Would you be prepared to spend so much money on your own gaming room? Do you even like a specific franchise enough to justify the expense? Stay out of our disused and probably haunted basement in the comments section below.

[source barcroft.tv, via gamespot.com]