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Assuming that Project Morpheus isn't delayed, it'll be on store shelves by the time that E3 2016 rolls around. This means that Sony will presumably want to start shaping the promising PlayStation 4 peripheral into a real consumer product in Los Angeles next week, and that means that it's probably going to feature heavily during both the platform holder's press conference and on the show floor. But just how big a deal will the headset prove – and what does Sony need to do to convince you to give the device a try?

There's always a "story" at E3, be it new consoles, content, or accessories. Those of you with long memories may recall the year that the PlayStation Move was introduced, as motion controls took centre stage. With competing company Oculus also set to be in attendance at next week's gaming convention, it's possible that virtual reality will be this year's big mainstream media takeaway, with several different organisations all locked in a race to dominate the emerging space. But what exactly does Sony need to show?

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Project Morpheus doesn't really feel like a proper product yet. While the press has been given the opportunity to go hands on with it at industry events such as the Game Developers Conference, the platform holder's yet to really provide the public with eyes-on time with the device. And that will need to change starting next week if it stands any chance of flogging the format, as virtual reality is an experience that needs to be seen to be believed. With less than a year to go until the peripheral's proposed release date, E3 2015 must be all about attaining some positive word of mouth.

But, of course, the Japanese giant won't quell any concerns by strapping attendees into simple proof of concept demos – it needs to show real, upcoming titles that support the device. We know that it's formed a new studio in Manchester, England to build games exclusively for the appliance, while other first-party teams like London Studio have been busy beavering away on different experiences since the headset's unveiling. Now is the time for talking rather than teasing, however – we need to see the start of some kind of software roadmap.

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And that needs to expand to the rapidly approaching release, too: what will the peripheral be called? Will it be bundled with the PlayStation Camera and a couple of PlayStation Move controllers? And, perhaps most importantly, how much will the darn thing cost? A rumour started by an Austrian retailer earlier today suggested that you can expect to pay approximately €399.99 (~$449) for the accessory, which is a steep fee to stump up. Sony may feel that it's too early to answer some of these questions, but without addressing them, they're going to remain real elephants in the room.

Outside of a few standout examples, additional extras don't have the best track-record in the console space; Sony itself has released a string of failed add-ons over the years, ranging from the EyeToy all the way through to the aforementioned PlayStation Move. But these past mistakes will hopefully have informed its approach with Project Morpheus, and we hope to see the sum of its learnings on display at E3 2015 next week. A good showing in Los Angeles won't secure the accessory's success – but it just might silence a few of the sceptics for the time being.

What games does Sony need to reveal for Project Morpheus to get you on board? How much would you be willing to pay for the headset? What do you think the device should be called? Enter a different dimension in the comments section below.

How can Sony sell you on Project Morpheus? (77 votes)

  1. Just tell me how much it’s going to cost19%
  2. Show me lots of cool software, damn it39%
  3. Give me a good name and I’ll get on board  0%
  4. Take it on a tour so I can try if for myself3%
  5. All of the above should do the trick23%
  6. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than put on a headset16%

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How much would you pay for Project Morpheus? (83 votes)

  1. No more than $99.998%
  2. I’d pod out between $100.00 and $199.9935%
  3. Anywhere from $200.00 to $299.99 for me28%
  4. I’m hyped, so I’ll go over $300.00 in truth10%
  5. I don’t think I want it at all19%

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