Sony Project Morpheus Image 0011

Penny-pinchers: look away now. Austrian retailer Gameware reckons that we'll be donning Sony's Project Morpheus in the second quarter of 2016 – and at a hefty price. The outlet has the high-tech PlayStation 4 headset listed for the jaw-dropping price of €399 ($449), slightly more than the console itself retails for in mainland Europe.

There have been some rumours surrounding the price of entry, but this is the first that we've seen with any sort of price attached. Of course, this could just be a placeholder listing with a speculated date and price, but with E3 knocking at the door it does seem somewhat plausible that the retailer may have been given some details in order to be ready to start taking pre-orders post-show. Until then, we'll stick this on the rumour pile and tell our wallets that everything will be okay.

Would you shell out the cost of the PS4 again to be among the first to experience the fruits of Project Morpheus, or is this price point a bad joke? Leave a virtual comment down below.