Despite its grisly premise, zombie franchise The Walking Dead has been the flavour of the month for many, many months now. That's a figure of speech, of course; we're hoping that no one has taken any actual culinary tips from the show's shuffling stars.

At any rate, the undead hit has seen all manner of video game adaptations – some good, some terrible – and there's now a new contender lurching ever closer. Overkill – the developer behind heist simulator Payday – has been quietly working on a new co-operative FPS which takes advantage of the popular IP. What's more, the game will be launching on the PS4 sometime in 2016.

While there has yet to be confirmation that the spectral shooter will feature heart-wrenching and soul-destroying moral choices, we suspect that it's a pretty safe bet. Take a look at last year's announcement trailer, then make your best zombie sound in the comments section below.