Bloodborne Dunegon

Details have been a little bit scarce regarding Bloodborne's multiplayer mechanics, but thanks to some ever-reliable translation from Gematsu, we can finally peruse the juicy innards of the upcoming action role-playing game.

Starting off with co-op, you'll be able to join up with two other allies, bringing the total player count to three. Using a bell to call other players, they'll hang around to help you get the best of the area's boss. If you're looking for more specific company, though, you can set a password to ensure that random users aren't able to join.

Player-versus-player sounds a bit more ominous, however. In areas where the 'Bell Chiming Woman' appears, other users will be able to invade your game through the use of a different bell item. The appearance of the woman is apparently determined by beginning a co-op session, or ringing the bell yourself, but she'll also be present in certain locations regardless of circumstance. And, of course, a successful invasion will result in a reward.

Meanwhile, much like the Dark Souls series, you'll come across messages from deceased players as you adventure. Graves mark where other users have fallen, and by touching them, you'll be able to see how they died.

The release's freshest component, however, is arguably its chalice dungeons. These underground labyrinths can be randomised, and add a theoretically endless amount of optional content. You can attempt to conquer them both offline and online, but you'll need to be connected in order to download data from the game's servers, which is necessary if you want to delve into those that are randomly generated.

Do you like the sounds of all this? Unhinge your bloodied weapon and carve up the comments section below.

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