Elite Dangerous PS4 PlayStation 4

Frontier's intergalactic escapade Elite: Dangerous was announced for consoles this week, but there was no mention of the PlayStation 4. Many pondered whether Microsoft had locked the title down as an Xbox One exclusive, and there was certainly some confusion among the press. Fortunately, veteran developer David Braben has confirmed on Twitter that the space trading simulation will be laying out its stall on Sony's next-gen system eventually.

"Down the line we will support more [systems], including the PS4," he explained. "The Xbox One is a timed exclusive." This could actually end up working out well for the Japanese giant, as the title already has support for the Oculus Rift – and we now know that Project Morpheus is due out in 2016. Space exploration is a perfect fit for virtual reality, and Sony's going to need all of the software that it can get if its headset's going to be a success.

[source twitter.com, via eurogamer.net]