PlayStation Plus PS4

Oh goodie, it's that time of the month where we take to stalking social media accounts in order to glean just the teensiest sliver of information on PlayStation Plus. April is one of those awkward months where its first day is a Wednesday, but it looks like you won't be getting your Instant Game Collection freebies then. Writing on Twitter, SCEE's Fred Dutton has confirmed that the roster of complimentary releases will be revealed next week – assuming that it's on time.

You may remember that there was something of a hullabaloo over March's goodies, as the platform holder waited until the very last minute to confirm the content. We already know that Dishonored will be one of the free PlayStation 3 titles in April, but outside of that, your guess is very much as good as ours. Which titles would you like to see given away this time? Share your wishlist with us in the comments section below.

[ Thanks Darkswabber ]