Dishonored PlayStation 3 PS3

SCEE's known for dropping PlayStation Store clangers, but we'll forgive it this latest blunder. Those of you with eagle eyes may have spotted the inclusion of Dishonored in the URL for the European PlayStation Blog's overdue post on March's PlayStation Plus freebies. This led to rampant speculation about why the release was removed. The real reason, however, is because it's not set to be given away until April.

"Dishonored is coming to PlayStation Plus (PS3) in April," the organisation wrote on Twitter earlier this evening. "Sorry for the confusion this month – we pulled the trigger too early." One could argue that the company pulled the trigger too late, but we get what it means. Seeing as the Instant Game Collection offerings tend to be identical between regions, expect Arkane's acclaimed stealth-'em-up to be free in North America, too.

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Could this giveaway be preparing us for a sequel? Brand overlord Bethesda's clearly got big things planned, because it's gone and booked its first ever E3 conference. We're looking forward to the fallout, whatever the presser may bring.