Plastic moustache

We can't seem to move without hearing the approaching hooves of another piece of The Order: 1886 news. This is a good thing, of course, as Sony's finally decided to pull its finger out and give the PlayStation 4 exclusive the kind of marketing push that it deserves. This evening's snippet comprises a Collector's Edition unboxing clip, with the ever awkward Sid Shuman from the PlayStation Blog hosting.

Watch below as the social media honcho pulls the package apart, showing off its various gubbins. For those out of the loop, the set includes a steelbook case, a 7" statue, and various downloadable goods, including a soundtrack, making-of video, and a couple of costumes and weapon variants. The best news is that it only costs $79.99, which, to be honest, is cheap for a premium package these days. Will you be picking it up? Try not to turn in the comments section below.