UK retailer GAME is well known for its steep prices, but this Dying Light collector's edition is something else. Clearly part of a marketing ploy to promote Techland's delayed undead-'em-up – which is finally due out physically in Europe this week – the £250,000 ($387,372) one-of-a-kind set includes a "custom built zombie-proof shelter". It's one for the, er, wealthy, then.

In addition to the ramshackle house, you'll also get four signed copies of the game, parkour lessons, night vision goggles, a trip to Techland, a human-sized figurine, and your face patched into the release. At the time of typing, the uber-expensive bundle's still available. Of course, no one's going to actually buy it because it's just a PR stunt – and judging by this article, it's worked.

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