"Just use a Life Crystal, mate"

Who doesn't love a good microtransaction? Capcom caused the web to pull out their pitchforks this week by announcing that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will feature premium Life Crystals, which you'll be able to use to reanimate yourself should you die in the forthcoming survival horror's Raid Mode. We can't bear the tension.

To be fair, it sounds like the Japanese publisher had arcades in mind when it concocted the scheme, as it will essentially see you inserting 'credits' to pick up where you left off. Moreover, you'll be able to earn free elixirs by completing Daily Missions, so the system won't hinge entirely around you stumping up pocket change to beat the game.

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The company's saying that the feature's totally optional, and if that's the case, then we'll probably be able to ignore it just fine. However, our big worry is that the firm may have tuned the popular mode's difficulty with these premium items in mind, and should that be true, well, we'll probably be giving the release a wide berth – even if Barry Burton is part of the cast.

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