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Unless you're as competitive as a heavyweight boxer, playing online can be extraordinarily frustrating at times. There'll always be someone out there that's spent that little bit longer learning the intricacies of Call of Duty's maps or the ins-and-outs of FIFA's five star teams, and so you'll inevitably slump to regular defeats. The upshot is that when you're the one demonstrating such know-how in front of an inferior opponent, it can be the best feeling in the world. As such, inspired by Sony's end-of-year PlayStation 4 multiplayer competition here in the UK, we want to know about your greatest online feats.

The platform holder entered the online space in North America in August 2002, with the PlayStation 2 Network Adapter. This actually pre-dated Xbox Live by a couple of months, though the Japanese giant's option was much less robust; while Microsoft developed a centralised account system that worked across multiple games, the PlayStation maker actually put a lot of this responsibility on publishers. This didn't deter development, however, with around 80 titles supporting the accessory over the course of the console's life, including commercial hits like SOCOM: US Navy SEALS and the technologically impressive Final Fantasy XI.

PlayStation PS4 Multiplayer 2

And this experimentation paved the way for the PlayStation Network, which launched alongside the PlayStation 3, and has gradually become one of the most used online gaming services around the globe. The evolution of the platform also happened to coincide with an increase in broadband subscribers, which was required to connect. The ease of access, coupled with better developer understanding, ushered in a mini-multiplayer boom, with all of the biggest brands scrambling to add competitive or co-operative options to their games. Now, with several years of online memories under your belt, we want to know which feats you remember most fondly.

Was it the first time that you Prestiged in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare perhaps, or the time that you utterly decimated your opponents time and time again in Pandemic Studios' class-based PS2 masterclass, Star Wars: Battlefront? Maybe it's a specific round in SOCOM: US Navy SEALS, or the frightening amount of time that you spent playing Battlefield 3? From co-op titles like Borderlands 2 right through to brawlers such as BlazBlue, we want to know which of your online multiplayer achievements still stand out. Ponder your very best bouts, and then join our lobby to tell us all about them in the comments section below.