PlayStation Plus PS4 Free Online

Sony's sold a staggering 18.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles to date, but it only has 10.9 million active PlayStation Plus subscribers. This means that almost half of the system's owners are currently without online multiplayer, and we suspect that this is a trend that the Japanese giant would very much like to change. Fortunately, it sounds like the firm's got a free multiplayer weekend in the pipeline, according to an image on Reddit.

The picture, which appears to be taken from a video or trailer, suggests that it'll be free to play all PS4 games online from 16th January through until 18th January. Seeing as we haven't been able to confirm this for ourselves, we're flagging this as a rumour right now, but will reach out to Sony to see if it's legit – and also which regions it applies to. Remember, if you're already a member, there's still time to win a ton of prizes in the platform holder's UK contest.