Tetris Ultimate PS4

No next-gen console is complete without a version of Tetris, so thankfully Tetris Ultimate will slam its way onto the PlayStation 4 in time for Christmas. The title – which was originally announced an eternity ago – will launch on 16th December in North America, but there’s no word on a price just yet.

Ubisoft, who’s publishing this version, doesn’t appear to be re-inventing the wheel, promising a pretty predictable roster of modes, including Marathon, Endless, and more. There will be a Battle option for those of you that want to play competitively, as well as an Ultimate version with power-ups.

The primary hook here appears to be the social options, though, which will allow you to keep tabs on your friends’ high scores, and even play against them while they’re offline, using futuristic player profiling technology. In other words, if you’re the type of competitor that’s constantly in need of a long thin brick, then the title will know.

[source blog.ubi.com, via uk.ign.com]